Legal Help for the Victims of Slips and Falls

Daily risks face those who live and work in and around Kansas City, MO, especially the chance of getting injured from a slip and fall accident. Those who experience slips and falls that result from the negligent actions of others will probably require financial compensation, but they will need the services of a Kansas City premises liability attorney to ensure that they are treated fairly. Such services are available from the law firm of Gregory and Associates.

The Principles of Premises Liabilitykansas city injury lawyer
Private property owners have a responsibility to protect their customers, guests, and other visitors from hazards that can lead to slips and falls. These hazards can include the accumulation of water or ice, uneven or broken walkway surfaces, the absence of handrails, or inadequate lighting. Resulting falls can result in broken bones, neck and back injuries, head trauma, and even death. The compensation that will be needed can be sought through the civil court system.

After a Serious Fall
If any injury is suspected, the victim should seek immediate medical attention. What might be considered a minor injury could have serious implications if it does not receive the required treatment. The condition should also be properly recorded for possible use in any subsequent litigation. It would be wise to consult with a Kansas City premises liability attorney, who can help determine the cause of the mishap and who is liable for damages. Victims who do not have proper legal representation may receive an inadequate settlement or could even be denied compensation.

The Right to Compensation

Financial compensation may be needed to cover the costs of needed medical care, including hospitalization and long-term therapy, as well as compensate for lost wages resulting from the inability of the victim to work. Damages may also be sought by family members of those who are injured or killed in falling accidents. A personal injury lawyer will serve as both an adviser and an advocate throughout the legal process in order to help ensure the best possible outcome in every case. The victims of falls and their families should seek help from the law office of Gregory and Associates. Contact our office today to schedule a case consultation.

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