How an Attorney Can Help After a Car Wreck

Auto accidents are rare events in the lives of victims, so much so that they often do not know where to turn for help when it comes to being compensated for injuries. Even in a “fault” state, like Missouri, many injured individuals will contact the respondent insurance company thinking they can handle the accident claim themselves. This can be a mistake in most accident cases because all auto insurance companies begin the claim evaluation process with the very first recorded phone call. Even when it seems the claim process will be easy, you can rest assured that perceived simplicity with no hint of claim denial is designed to benefit the company. This is not unusual in obvious cases of negligence. However, the company’s tune can change when the injured victim attempts to settle the non-economic pain-and-suffering general damages component of an accident claim. Serious injury claims will always be defended vigorously because the company can use any comparative negligence assignments to reduce payouts. The comparative negligence claims by defendants is often where a Kansas City MO car accident attorney works hardest representing their clients.

What an Attorney Will Do

The attorneys at Gregory and Associates understand that time is an important factor following an auto accident because evidence can be eliminated quickly, especially when vehicles require inspection in determining cause in an independent investigation. Police officers will commonly work an accident and produce a report, but many times accidents are not investigated completely due to man hour restrictions for officers. A personal injury accident attorney can conduct their own investigation in crafting a case for maximum damages for their client.

car accident attorney kansas cityPotential Damages

Typical damages for medical bills and loss of income when it applies are basic claimable damages resulting from an auto accident, but the real value of the claim will always be the general damages for ongoing effects of the injuries. Even seemingly minor injuries have a way of manifesting later in life, and an experienced Kansas City accident lawyer can negotiate effectively with insurance company claims adjusters to enforce collection of all compensatory damages, and even potential damages when gross negligence is an element of the collision.

Never attempt to handle an accident case personally. Always call a Kansas City MO car accident attorney like the legal pros at Gregory and Associates. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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