More Q & A’s

Question – Should I talk to the other side’s insurance company?
Answer – No, absolutely not. You can help yourself by doing that, and it can only hurt. Why? Because if you say something that helps your case, insurance adjusters assume you are only trying to help your case and they won’t believe you. But if you say something that hurts your case, they’ll use it against you. It’s a no-win game with them. Don’t do it. Instead, talk to a lawyer first. Click here it call now.

Question – But don’t I need money for a lawyer?
Answer – No. This law firm fights for the injured. We fight for people who may be out of work because of their injuries, or may not be able to afford a lawyer if they are still working. So I pledge this: I won’t charge you until I win for you. And then, I charge only a percentage of any money you get. Click here to call now.

Question – Can it really hurt to just wait and see what happens?
Answer – Yes, it can. In any serious injury case, while you are waiting, the other side is acting. Evidence can disappear, memories can fade, and the other side can get their stories together. For example, it can be very important for someone to take photos or videos of the vehicles involved in a wreck. The length of skid marks can be very important, and those should be measured with photos taken and something in the photos for scale. But obviously, skid marks fade quickly. There are time limitations and deadlines which may be missed. Waiting can hurt your case. Click here to call now.

Question – How do I get to a lawyer if I can’t drive?
Answer – We come to you. We make hospital visits and house calls to the badly injured all the time. We can come to you. Click here to call now.

Question – How should I pay my medical bills?
Answer – That varies, depending on circumstances. These circumstances can include whether you have medical insurance and if so, what type. How to get expenses paid after a wreck or injury can be an important decision, and done incorrectly, it can cost you money. We can help you decide the best way to do that. Click here to call now.

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